Stephanie Dale writes for stage, radio and large-scale theatre. She has four areas of practice:

 * Site-specific work: Stephanie has written some of the UK's largest community plays involving hundreds of social actors. Her special interest is in promenade theatre, with a particular focus on the engagement between actors, audience and the use of space in-between. Currently, she is under commission to write Dorchester Community Play Association's seventh community play, Spinning the Moon. The play is set in 1485 and will be staged in 2020.

* Adaptations: She has adapted several nineteenth century novels and enjoys the challenge of making the stories feel 'fresh' to a contemporary audience. Her most recent adaptation, Persuasion by Jane Austen, is touring this autumn, 2018.

* New writing: Stephanie's new work is focused on current environmental and political issues, with particular focus on young people. She is a founder of Centric Theatre, a Midlands based collective, who tell regional stories nationally. Recently, she wrote The Lost Boy, for Theatre in the Quarter; the play is a mix of fiction and real-life testimony from refugees.

* Afternoon Drama BBC Radio Four:

Written in Mist - co-written with Ieaun Watkins - as part of the Double Acts Initiative.

First Bite of the Air - a drama about the last pit to close in the UK.

The Wife - a drama about Martha Bates, as part of the Gun Powder Women series.

What is Missing from Your Life? (The Women) - a drama doc based on the answer to this question, from 200 letters written by women in Birmingham.

What is Missing from Your Life? (The Men) - a drama doc based on the answer to this question, from 200 letters written by men in Birmingham.

Believe Me - about domestic abuse - and accompanying documentary, The Last Refuge.

All directed by Peter Leslie Wild.

Stephanie has lectured and facilitated workshops in over 700 schools, colleges and several universities on: Writing for Radio; Writing for Community Theatre; Writing for Site Specific Places and Adaptations.

Stephanie has a degree in Theatre and Media Drama, and an MA in Playwriting from the University of Birmingham.