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"Stephanie is a shining beacon in our industry." 

In December 2023, Stephanie was awarded the

Writers Guild of Great Britain Olwen Wymark Award.

The award was set up to, "make a statement about how important encouragement is."


For over twenty years, Stephanie has taught playwriting at under grad and post grad levels. Through conversations with creatives and hundreds of playwriting students, she has assembled a writer's toolkit of ideas and creative exercises.  

Stephanie has read and given feedback on hundreds scripts at all stages of development.

Recently she has had the privilege of working on several critically acclaimed shows. 

recent dramaturgy

"I handed Steph the first draft of my debut play, excited by my achievement and perhaps looking forward to taking my foot off the gas, but Steph knowingly highlighted that the work was only really about to begin and she wasn’t wrong. Under her keen and thoughtful guidance we began the process of dramaturgy, she led with vigour, precision and passion. 


She handled the sessions with the perfect balance of positive reinforcement and rigorous critique, confidently and carefully shining a light on the weaknesses in my draft, specifically encouraging me to layer my character’s backstories to give them more humanity and afford more chances for conflict, drama and stakes; and reminding me to constantly be conscious of moving the action forward, telling the story as efficiently as possible without losing its individuality.  

As a neurodiverse creative I am often faced with access barriers to learning that make writing work and problem solving much more complicated. Steph’s sensitive but incisive approach created exactly the nurturing environment I needed to shrug off the imposter syndrome that so often comes with stepping into creative roles like these and flourish as an artist in my own right.


Steph is a master of her craft, she understands how plays work on a fundamental, human and cosmic level as well as effortlessly intuiting what an audience needs and when they need it."

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