An adaptation of Jane Austen's final, complete novel adapted to mark the 200th anniversary of her death. Autumn tour, 2018. Theatre6.
★★★★★ Broadway Baby: "Beautifully fresh."
★★★★★ Wirral Globe News: "Warm and inviting."
★★★★★ Writebase: "Beautiful. Evocative. Modern."
★★★★ NorthWestend: "Austen would be charmed by this adaptation."
★★★★ London Theatre1: "A very strong adaptation."
★★★★ Henley Standard: "A carefully crafted paean to a timeless author."
Windsor Observer: "Breathtaking, bold and beautiful."
Windsor Express: "Captivating.Full of emotion and drama."
★★★★ Upper Circle: "Very impressive."
The Lost Boy
The play is set in a working-class coastal town and explores how we treat a stranger.
★★★★The Stage: "A beautifully crafted and pertinent new play featuring testimony from real asylum seekers." Spring, 2016. Theatre in the Quarter.
★★★★ We are Chester: "Haunting and provoking."
A World Beyond Man
A solo show based on the diary of Valarian Albernov and his attempt to walk 200 miles across the frozen Kara sea.
★★★★ Broadway Baby: "An impressive debut from an exciting new company."
★★★★★ The Good Review: "It's simply compelling, exhausting and chilling...superb." 2014/15, Centric, touring.
A musical play for six actor/ musicians, based on the Lewis Carroll tales.
★★★★The Stage: "Huge praise for finding such a fresh way to present such familiar material - a multi-layered and inventive take on a familiar tale that manages to be both a clever re-imagining and a faithful reproduction of Carroll’s fanciful worlds." Theatre in the Quarter.
★★★★ Public Reviews
★★★★Whats on Stage: "An absolute delight, a triumph from start to finish!"
The Chester Mystery Plays
★★★★The Guardian: "Vividly and intelligently rewritten."
The Observer: "An extraordinary fusion of scripture and social commentary."
The Chester Chronicle: "The 2013 production of the Chester Mystery Plays took some big risks but they have paid off with one of the most ambitious, memorable and thrilling presentations since the cycle was revived in 1951...In achieving this feat, writer Stephanie Dale’s multi-toned and many-layered adaptation reminds us that while the Bible is a sacred text, it also happens to tell one hell of a great story."
A Time to Keep
★★★★The Guardian: "This is theatre at its fundamental level: a shared, imaginative experience, communicated with winning passion."
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