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"Vividly and intelligently written."

The Guardian. Chester Mystery Plays.★★★★

Stephanie Dale continues to have the privilege of working with some fantastic organisations and theatre companies and has written many of the U.K's large-scale community plays. The shows involve hundreds of participants, both on and offstage. All of the projects are managed by professional creative teams. The plays are written and created for the community and  staged by members of the community.

"This is theatre at its fundamental level, shared, imaginative experience, communicated with a winning passion."

The Guardian, A Time to Keep. ****

Spinning the Moon

Dorchester's 7th Community Play, Dorchester Plays Association, 2023.

Spinning the Moon was a community play for DCPA, Dorchester. The cast was made up from 100 local community actors and musicians. The play, set at the end of The Wars of the Roses, was about the collapse of the manorial system and the beginning of witchcraft spreading from Europe to the U.K. The play was performed in April 2023. Directed by Peter Leslie Wild. Music by Tim Laycock. Designed by Dawn Allsopp.

"Years in the making, Dorchester's community play was certainly worth the wait...You really did feel part of the story - part of a community." Francesca Evans, Dorchester Nub News.

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